Important to know...

We sell two types of latex. Latex from the roll, which is made by machines in factories and we sell handmade latex.

Latex from the role:

  • is available from 50 cm
  • varies in width from 96/97 cm to 98/99 cm.
  • thickness varies from 0.25 mm to 1.05 mm.
  • sometimes the thickness can also vary slightly in the sheet
  • maximum length is 10 meters in one piece.

Exclusive handmade, patterned, textured latex:

  • This exclusive luxury latex is sold in sheets of 80/90 cm x 105/110 cm. That's because the latex is 100% HANDMADE! Therefore, it is not supplied on a roll but sheets. If you order 2 you get two separate sheets; these themselves also can be different in size.
  • Because it can handmade also color differences, unevenness and thickness differences occur so keep this in mind. Sometimes our supplier cuts the bad parts before shipping. Also, each piece can vary in thickness 0.40 to 0.70 mm. But of course we strive to make 1 thickness in the sheet.
  • Latex is dyed and can release pigments, it 'bleeds'. So pay attention when you put latex sheets of different colors on top of each other. With handmade latex the pigment is stronger than latex of the roll from the factory. If you make latex clothing, you use thinner. That is a paint remover, so even then the latex color can sometimes give off on your cloth.
  • Under no circumstances do we take latex returns (also no trims). Because latex is very sensitive to light, heat, UV, temperature differences, metals, touch, coming into contact with other colors of latex, moisture, sweat, blood, smoke, odor and colorants etc. etc. we can not take it back and sell it again because we do not know what happened to the latex. This way every customer is assured of a good piece of latex.
  • ALL colors are IN the latex.... so you can not rub them off (even not with thinner!)
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