Latex thickness 0.25

You have opted for latex with a thickness of 0.25 mm. Although, thickness ... the thickness of 0.25 mm is super thin latex! You can use this thin latex for making super elegant skirts, beautiful latex collars or latex sleeves. But what about latex curtains? This thin latex is all very suitable for this.

But .... because this latex is so thin, it is hard for a novice latex lover to make something for the first time! So if you are not so handy with the sticking of latex clothing, we recommend that you make a first latex garment of at least latex with a thickness of 0.40.

We sell 100% natural latex in very many different colors. In the category 'standard colors latex' you will find the broadest range. Not every color is available in all thickness. You first choose the right thickness of latex and then the available colors of rubber appear in the chosen thickness on a subsequent page.

We sell the latex per meter as it is called.Of course we do not cut the latex into pieces. So if you need 30 cm x 98 cm, for example, you choose 'size 50 cm' and number '3'. You will then receive 1 piece of latex. If you need 2 meters you choose 'size 98 cm' and number '2', even then you get 1 piece of latex. The maximum length in one piece is 10 meters.

Latex with a * is approximately 92 cm wide.

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