Latex maintenance

  • Keep latex lying in a dry and dark place. 
  • Not in direct sunlight i.v.m. discoloring and a chance to dry out 
  • Avoid contact with metal; eventually arise from the chemical reaction rust spots that do not go out any more. 
  • Smoke / nicotine, perfume, deodorant, sweat and avoid blood.
  • Keep away from lighted cigarettes; the touch creates a small hole that can quickly rip through.
  • Wash after use in warm soapy water with soap; then rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder on the inside and spray the outside shine spray. Or all in the spray or our own gloss and lubricant.
  • Latex not machine wash, not dry in the dryer.
  • Different colors latex does not impose on one another; colors may run to each other.


Our own talcum powder is odorless, colorless and oil-free, so perfect for latex. Convenient to sprinkle the inside of latex clothing from sticking, but also to attract. When making latex clothing you use talcum powder to the stickiness of the glue


Our own policy is economical. Take a cloth or a damp sponge and pour polish on. Then you can rub the latex with it. It gives a soft sheen and maintains the latex.

Gloss and lubricant

Our own super gloss latex lubricant makes good shiny. It is also a perfect maintenance product to keep the latex in good condition. It is also a great good lubricant to put on easily latex clothing. And because it is not toxic or irritating, you can also use it for massages. Crystal clear. 100% silicone fluid. Non-toxic and non-irritating. Unlimited life at normal ambient temperature.

Gloss spray

Our own shine spray gives a high gloss to the latex and also maintains the latex.
Pay attention! Do not use this product outdoors because everything in the environment can be very smooth; not in the bathroom, not on tiles, not laminate etc.

vivishine, viviclean, vivi freshupViviClean

Vivi Clean is a fine cleaner for latex, disinfecting and antibacterial. It is a detergent to make nice and clean and fresh latex clothing. How does it work:

Fill a bowl with water. Add 15-20 ml Vivi Clean the water. Rinse the latex clothing for about 1 mintuutje through the water. Rinse with clean water. Ready! Then you can make the latex through a bath Vivi Shine and the latex garment is completely ready for your next party! Please note ... avoid contact with eyes.


It is a maintenance tool for the latex. After washing the latex wordet Latex super fast with a protective layer. How does it work:

Do latex clean using lukewarm soapy water with a little ViviClean. Rinse thoroughly latex. Grab new clean water and put it in Vivishine (ratio 2 teaspoons in a washing-up bowl with about 5 liters of water). Remove the latex a couple of times through the water. Let it dry now hanging
ready! Caution ... do not use too much .... because there may be blue droplets form, which is A disadvantage of Vivishine!

ViviShine FreshUp

Super handy wipes individually packaged impregnated with silicone. If you go to a party fit that big can of spray does not always shine in a purse or in your pocket ...
How does it work? These wipes are packaged. Tear the package open. ... And ready to use, you rub the cloth over the latex and ready!


Especially for the easy putting on latex clothing. How it works: Pour a little Vivi Dress on your hands and spread it on the skin. Or, spread it on the inside of the latex. You now slips easily into your latex outfit.

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