Glue for latex sheets, clothing

Latex glue

Our own glue dries super-fast. All parts where you are gluing you clean with thinner (not turpentine / petroleum!). Press firmly like if you're dealing with a sandpaper. Everything curls ... that's good! Do not pull, do not blow (moisture!). The latex comes back naturally in original shape. Now apply the latex adhesive. Do not apply too much and not too less adhesive. Again the latex will curl, and again not pull, do not blow etc. After about 1 to 2 minutes, the glue is dry (you can test it with a fingertip, the latex does not stick to your finger). Now press the two layers of latex together, press firmly! Pressure is more important than drying time (think Velcro); a pinch roller assembly is always convenient to have.

Zipper glue

With our zipper glue your zipper will be in that jeans for ever. You can use zipper glue for inserting zippers, or on the twill tape when inserting eyelets. Use cotton zippers, no acrylic.
The glue penetrates right through the fabric of the zipper. Apply the glue to all sides of the zipper (4). With the back of a knife, you can create a smooth surface. Leave it for about 60 minutes (1 hour), drying at room temperature. The glue dries clear.
Apply with a cloth with some thinner on the dried glue zipper. Let it dry for a while. Afterwards you then apply the latex adhesive to the prepared zipper. Let everything dry for about 2 minutes. Then press everything firmly together (use a pinch roller). Pressing is more important than drying time.
Then stick a strip of latex on the back of the zipper so that the fabric of the zipper so sits between two layers of latex. You may be able to paste an extra piece of latex over the zipper so the skin is not damaged when zipping the zipper (eg see even a pair of jeans).

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