Of course ... if you are going to make latex clothing you need a lot of latex ... latex catsuit or a jeans ... or little latex if you're going to make a sexy bikini! The most difficult in making latex rubber clothes ... prepare ... the thinking ...

Because what color latex you going to make something? We have more than 100 kinds of latex, so spoiled for choice. And then ... what thickness? you will make a skirt? Then it is no latex with thickness 1:05 because that is the latex skirt like a brick down ... And then what you really do? Short latex skirt, long latex skirt, latex corset or maybe a latex hood or mask .. Have you ever considered a latex vacuum bed?

In terms of performance we sell standard latex transparent latex, latex with a metallic glow, latex with a pearlescent appearance and very exclusive handmade latex. All our latex has a shiny side and a dull side.

Pfffff tricky all the choices! But look at "Other" there are plenty of examples of former students, fetish models, designers and well-known latex latex fashion shows ... you go there probably what most suitable latex is for you!

Latex is cut to size or custom made or handmade. Under no circumstances do we take latex return (also no trims). Because latex is very sensitive to light, heat, UV, temperature differences, metals, touch, coming into contact with other colors of latex, moisture, sweat, blood, odor and colorants etc. etc. we can not take it back and sell it again because we do not know what happened to the return-controlled latex.

Oh yeah ... on Pinterest, we made pins with the colors of latex, click here



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